Do it. There isn’t anything else to say, but since I remember myself taking a lot of convincing, I’ll indulge you.

As creatures of social interaction, we often imagine ourselves sharing incredible experiences with our closest friends. We plan voyages to far off places with nearby loved ones, but never think about the amazing people we can meet along the way. Travelling alone affords you the opportunity to truly set yourself free, defining yourself by your own standards. In few other situations can you yourself decide unilaterally what to do, and where to go each day. It’s a time to be selfish, explore new temptations, take large risks, and test new personalities.

Traveling alone is aided by the hostel experience. While the 20-something crowd largely dominates hostels, they’re truly places for everyone (expect children… please don’t bring your kids to a hostel, we’re judging you). In every place you go, there will always be another world-traveler going through the same situation that you’re in, and you’ll have the opportunity to invent yourself every day.

You meet and make life-long friends in the morning, share new experiences in the afternoon, party away the evening, and say goodbye in the late hours of the night. The next day you wake up and do it all again. Every day is a new adventure, with new friends to share it with; you will never be lonely. The prospect of meeting new friends every day sounds exhausting in print, but the exhilaration of new friendship rekindles your spirit every time it happens – not to mention the numerous social benefits associated with it; you’ll learn to talk to anybody about anything.IMG_20150306_162442

Many looking to travel alone are concerned about safety on the road, but keeping your wits about you, locking your possessions, keeping a money belt, and learning to trust your instincts about others rarely leads you astray. After your first week you’ll wonder why you ever worried about anything. The good people in this world outnumber the bad, and you’ll find greats in every country you visit.

I promise that you won’t regret it. Not often in life will you have an opportunity this freeing. Stop worrying about it, book your flight, and screw the rest – it’s time for you.

P.S. You’ll be taking a lot of selfies.


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