Zhangjiajie behind us, our train was making towards the Chinese city of Xi’an, and the terracotta warriors that lay on the outskirts. Making a wise decision, we awoke well rested from our “Z” sleeper berths on the train rattling through the Chinese countryside. A hop, skip, jump, and running to make a connection later, we arrived at the Xi’an railway station.


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We only planned on staying in Xi’an for a day – it was simply a place to make a connection to our final destination of Beijing, but we had enough of a layover to visit the famous terracotta warriors. Reading online, we discovered instead of an expensive cab, we could actually catch a bus that would take us to the complex. With a lot of searching, we eventually found it in the crowds and hopped aboard.


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Student cards in hand, we gained a discount admission to the complex, which included being able to view the warriors, and several other artifacts within. Growing nervous of making our connecting train, we elected to speed through the process, and saw as many things as we could. The warriors themselves were housed in an aircraft-hanger style building, to protect them from the elements. While we weren’t able to stand close to them, we did have plenty of opportunities to take photos, and learn about these worldly artifacts.


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With plenty of Instagram-material in our pockets, we made for the exit, but not before stopping to buy a few souvenirs. Our group elected to take a cab, as the train station we were headed for was in fact a different one. Looking more similar to an airport than a rail station, the Xi’an Bei station is a new construction in the North of Xi’an that services the high speed rail lines.

From there, we caught a high speed train to Beijing, and we’re due to arrive at 11:30 tonight. As I write this, we’re travelling just over 300km/h, and I can’t feel a thing.


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