After watching one too many episodes of Parks and Recreation, I decided I was in need of a treat yo’self day – a day filled with shopping, amenities, and as many doughnuts as I could eat.

Heading into Seoul, I initially intended upon spending the day alone, but I was pleasantly surprised when my friend D agreed to do a bit of shopping with me. If you need to treat yourself to some shopping in Seoul, there’s only one place to go – Myeong-dong.

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This bustling little part of the city is filled with clothing shops, food vendors, skin care stores, and so much more. If you’ve been to Hong Kong, think of it as the Mong-Kok of Seoul. Withdrawing a mini-fortune from the ATMs, Dara and I bounced from food stall to food stall, paid a visit to Lush (despite telling a friend I wouldn’t) and a bunch of clothing stores with wicked deals.

What started off as a one day event turned into a whole weekend ordeal. There were no complaints for me. Barbeque, almost a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, massages, museums, expensive Thai food, and basically everything we laid our eyes on. While I’m a firm believer in “experiences, not possessions”, a little retail therapy did wonders in helping me destress after a long week of teaching. Treat. Yo. Self.

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